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Truck Bodies with a Lightweight Advantage – BrandFX

Truck bodies built by Brand FX are durable, tough and incredibly lightweight. There are many advantages to choosing BrandFX lightweight composite truck bodies:

  • Financial benefits
  • Administrative benefits
  • Risk management advantages
  • Company Image benefits
  • Sustainability advantages

Financial Benefits of Lightweighting with BrandFX

Truck bodies manufactured from advanced composite materials are structurally strong, which is to say that the toughness and durability of the composite material does not depend upon how much it weighs. BrandFX truck bodies are as strong as steel, as light as (or lighter than) aluminum, and they do not corrode. The advanced composite materials used by BrandFX to build truck bodies save companies both time and money.  The following list of ways-to-save illustrates the smarter design choice of BrandFX:

  • Companies Save Money on Fuel Costs – Lighter vehicles consume less fuel
  • Companies Save Money on Administrative Costs – Lighter vehicles often have lesser CDL requirements
  • Companies Save Money on Maintenance Costs – Lighter vehicles tend to have much lower maintenance costs
  • Companies Save Time in the Shop – Smaller chassis tend to have more available replacement parts and much less downtime

DOT compliance advantages of lightweighting with BrandFX

BrandFX enable vehicles to stay well under important weight thresholds designed for safe operation. By remaining far under these weight thresholds, the fleets that choose BrandFX truck bodies are choosing to eliminate any missteps with the DOT. Missteps and infractions include being unintentionally overweight and having to pay additional taxes and other unnecessary expenses.

Risk management advantages of lightweighting with BrandFX

Truck bodies manufactured by BrandFX are designed and built to reduce risk for both small companies and larger fleets in several key ways. Fleet risk management programs should always consider vehicle weight reduction, as it is a very important factor.  Improved stopping distances, increased payload capacity and rounded corners and edges are each good examples of a risk management advantage held by BrandFX truck bodies.

  • Improved Stopping Distance –  The lighter the vehicle, the more quickly it can come to a complete stop. BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies are up to 50% lighter than similarly sized steel bodies.
  • Increased Payload Capacity – An increased payload capacity makes it much less likely to be operating an over-grossed vehicle. Over-grossed vehicles are commonly cited as a contributing cause in accidents involving a collision, as brake failure and extended stopping distances are a common threat to operational safety
  • Rounded Corners & Edges – Truck bodies built by BrandFX are engineered to have rounded corners and no sharp edges, decreasing risk by preventing cutting injuries around the jobsite. Additionally, advanced composite truck bodies do not corrode or rust.

Light weighting with BrandFX – Improve your Company Image

Truck bodies are one of the most visible and important ways that fleets, contractors and other companies can promote their businesses and brands. Whether it is a utility fleet, a telecommunications fleet or a contractor’s service vehicle, the clean and professional look of a BrandFX- truck body stays looking sharp. This is in large part attributable to advanced composite materials in BrandFX truck bodies, which do not rust, corrode or dent, and have exactly zero repainting requirements. Additionally, the safer, rounded edges on BrandFX truck bodies have a sleeker, more modern appearance.

BrandFX – Sustainable Because They Last Much Longer

BrandFX provides a sustainability advantage because the equipment lasts much longer than traditional steel and aluminum bodies. It is common to remount a BrandFX truck body onto three, or more, chassis. Manufactured from lightweight, advanced composite materials, BrandFX truck bodies weigh half of what steel bodies weigh. A much longer truck body life, combined with saving several hundred pounds in vehicle weight are yet another reason why BrandFX is a sustainable choice.

BrandFX Truck Bodies Are Much Lighter

According to the US Department of Energy, every gallon of fuel burned adds a little less than twenty pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Because every 100 lbs of reduced vehicle weight reduces fuel consumption by approximately 2%, BrandFX has a true sustainability advantage. If a fleet replaced the standard steel service bodies on 1,000 chassis with BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies, it is estimated to eliminate approximately 8,500,000 lbs of carbon emissions per year from the atmosphere. This calculation is based upon 10,000 miles of operation per year.

“Every 100 lbs of reduced vehicle weight reduces fuel consumption by approximately 2%

BrandFX – Made in the USA

Truck bodies, toppers and tonneau covers that are manufactured by BrandFX are made entirely inside the United States. As a Time Manufacturing Company, BrandFX employs more than 300 team members across the United States, with facilities strategically located in Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, Indiana and Georgia.

Large Fleets & Small Businesses

Truck bodies manufactured by BrandFX Body Company are used by the largest utility and telecommunications fleets across North America. They are also used by thousands of small businesses and independent contractors like plumbers, HVAC contractors, electricians and mobile service technicians.  BrandFX offers its advanced composite truck bodies in several standard sizes, and optimized for all major chassis regardless of size. Explore Everlast™ bodies here.

BrandFX Service Bodies

Truck bodies manufactured by BrandFX Body Company are available in several standard sizes, but can also be built from established specifications.  Standard and Customized Service bodies are available to BrandFX customers, including our Everlast™ Service Bodies and full composite UltimateFX™ Service Bodies for the strongest and lightest fleets in the industry.

BrandFX Everlast™ Service Bodies are manufactured from advanced composite materials that make them lighter and more durable than traditional steel and aluminum truck bodies. Everlast Service Bodies provide more than 20 years of continuous use, and can be remounted on three, or more, chassis before they need to be replaced. A BrandFX Everlast™ Service body does not corrode or oxidize (rust), and it can not be dented. In the rare case when a body is damages, inexpensive repairs are available but cutting out and replacing the bonded surface.

BrandFX Line Bodies

Truck bodies manufactured by BrandFX include line bodies for heavier units. Applications for these heavier units include the construction of telecommunications and utility infrastructure, as well as municipal infrastructure work. At BrandFX, line bodies are built to spec, One example of a BrandFX line body is the new BFBX-84TXT, with modified space for a crane and backhoe. The advanced composite body is a good fit for fleets that use heavy equipment and need it to perform several tasks. To read more about the BFBX-84TXT truck body, click here.

BrandFX is a Time Manufacturing Company

Time Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer of bucket trucks, digger derricks, cable placers, service bodies and other specialty equipment for power generation, transmission and distribution, electric utility, telecommunications, bridge inspection, light and sign, tree care and other fleet-supported industries. Working with co-ops, municipalities, government agencies and corporations through its global network of facilities and distributors, the company employs more than 1,400 associates worldwide.


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BrandFX Truck Toppers, featuring advanced, lightweight composite construction, are designed to fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickup truck models and bed sizes.

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BrandFX EverLast Toppers (or WORKPoDS) are made from advanced, lightweight Composite and fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickup models and bed sizes.

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The Plus-Top WORKPoD is designed to offer greater storage and hauling, including exterior-side compartments for tools and cargo.

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