BrandFX Service Body for Heavier Equipment

Monday, March 16, 2020 at 10:23 AM

BrandFX has taken the words “Service on the go” to a whole new level.

BrandFX launched its BFXB 84TXT with modified space for a back hoe and crane. The composite light weight body itself allows for heavier equipment to be added so that customers need only to purchase one truck body that will get all the jobs done.

This multi-use service body is perfect for larger fleets that need heavy duty trucks that can perform all of the duties of several trucks in one. The BFXB 84TXT provides the sturdy but lightweight base to carry a crane and backhoe that can weigh upwards of 4,000 pounds.

And, because BrandFX bodies are lighter in weight this will not compromise the amount of tools or other heavy machinery that can be loaded on to or added to the body, according to the company.

BrandFX’s all-composite design and strength allows for more weight savings and durability to ensure all tools and equipment will be kept secure throughout the life of the body. The light weight body reduces the natural wear and tear on your vehicle allowing for lower maintenance costs and less upkeep. The lifecycle value our bodies offer supersede that of steel and aluminum.

”This body offers a great design package for a multi-use vehicle that can function for almost any trade in the industry,” said Gary Heisterkamp, Chief Commercial Officer for BrandFX.

The BFXB 84TXT is available now.