Truck Bodies – BrandFX EverLast™ Line Bodies

Truck bodies built by BrandFX, including our premium line of EverLast™ Line Bodies, combine strength, performance and ample storage space, all packaged together in a lightweight composite body that weights up to 60% less than conventional steel bodies. This lower weight load improves fuel efficiency for service fleets, while lessening the stress forced on tires, brakes and suspension systems—reducing the costs of routine maintenance and adding more to long-term savings. When compared to Aluminum or traditional Steel Bodies, BrandFX offers its fleet and contractor customers a lower true Cost of Ownership.

Truck Bodies – BrandFX – the Proven Life Cycle Value Leader

EverLast Line Bodies are manufactured using advanced composite construction that will not bend, dent, crack, or rust—even under the most demanding work applications. That also means a high-quality, professional appearance across service fleets for years to come. Combining long-term durability with better fuel efficiency, easier upkeep, and spacious storage capacity, the EverLast Line delivers a powerful work truck solution. BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies are the proven Life Cycle Value Leader.

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