Truck Bodies For Plumbing Fleets & Contractors – BrandFX EverLast™ Service Bodies

Truck bodies manufactured by BrandFX for plumbing contractors and dispatched plumbing service fleets are built to spec for efficient, ongoing use. Plumbing service vehicles act as material and equipment storage, office and workshop, and need specialized upfits, including ladder rack, shelving, and additional organizational storage. BrandFX EverLast™ Service Bodies offer significant fuel cost savings through lightweight durability and safety. Made from advanced composite materials, EverLast™ Service Bodies offer clear payload and fuel efficiency advantages. Additionally BrandFX advanced composite materials maintain a fresh, sleek appearance.

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Truck Body - Plumbing Brandfx Service 156LS

Truck bodies for residential and commercial plumbing fleets

  • Service trucks – with advanced composite bodies, service trucks have greater payload capacity, which is always an advantage on a medium duty body.

  • Mechanics Trucks – Mechanics trucks allow industrial and commercial plumbing fleets to maintain higher levels of operational efficiency by traveling to job sites for unscheduled service tasks.

  • Specialized Fleet Equipment – plumbing fleets have specialized circumstances, depending on geography, climate and service area.

  • Welding Trucks – Welding trucks feature special modifications and carry separate tools than most service vehicles in a plumbing fleet. Heavier lockers, specialized tools and additional power make welding trucks unique in these fleet organizations.

Truck Bodies By BrandFX Provide A Long-lasting Professional Image

Truck bodies in a plumbing fleet or small business convey a message to customers about a company’s willingness to invest in the best tools of the trade. A clean and professional look always leaves a positive impression no matter what the industry, and plumbing companies want a fresh, tidy image. BrandFX truck bodies do not corrode, rust or oxidize because the color is embedded right into the composite materials. Not only do they maintain their color, they do not scratch, ding or dent. Rounded corners and edges look clean and modern. As a result, BrandFX truck bodies represent a company image looking new in a fleet for 20 years or more and retain their fresh finish.

Truck Body - Plumbing Brandfx Service 56LS
Truck Body - Plumbing Brandfx Service

Truck Body Features - BrandFX

Truck bodies used for fleet purposes should always be manufactured to the highest standards of quality. While BrandFX truck bodies and work truck inserts offer a broad set of upfits and additional options, standard features meet fleet requirements. A durable, automotive-grade Gelcoat finish will maintain a clean and professional look on a BrandFX truck body for decades. An innovative flow through ventilation system, automotive grade gaskets, non-skid compartment topsTreadbright aluminum bumpers and Treadbright aluminum floors are standard features of BrandFX line bodies and service bodies.  Optional upfits and features include ladder and conduit storage systems, custom interior LED lighting packages and electronic compartment locking systems.

Workpod™ Composite Inserts For the Plumbing Industry

WorkPod™ Composite Inserts provide plumbing fleets and contractors with advanced mobile storage and work space solutions required for tougher jobs.  WorkPod™ inserts provide the basic functions of weather protection and security from theft and accommodate all popular bed sizes for Chevrolet, RAM, Ford, and GMC truck models. WorkPod™ Composite Inserts are practical, providing an excellent alternative to transit vans and featuring convenient, exterior-accessible compartments. Pipe storage and ladder rack upfits are available to those who choose this lightweight, durable solution.

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Designed for short-bed truck chassis with a 40″ CA

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Fit for popular model truck chassis with a 56″ CA

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Built for truck chassis with a 56” CA, with low-profile design for better rear window visibility

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Ideal for dual rear wheel truck chassis with a 56” CA

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Fit for popular model truck chassis with 60” CA

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Ideal for dual rear wheel truck chassis with a 60” CA

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Ideal for dual rear wheel truck chassis with an 84” CA

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BrandFX Truck Toppers, featuring advanced, lightweight composite construction, are designed to fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickup truck models and bed sizes.

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BrandFX EverLast Toppers (or WORKPoDS) are made from advanced, lightweight Composite and fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickup models and bed sizes.

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The Plus-Top WORKPoD is designed to offer greater storage and hauling, including exterior-side compartments for tools and cargo.

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The Low-Profile WORKPoD delivers all the benefits of open storage capacity and exterior-accessible compartments in a convenient design.

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Truck bodies – BrandFX UtilityFX™ Bodies

Truck bodies – BrandFX UtilityFX™ Truck Bodies featuring the BrandFX UtilityFX™ are the first all-composite cutaway in the industry. Spacious and well-ventilated outer storage compartments serve to improve mobile operations. The UtilityFX  are innovative units for many reasons and feature: Unique custom truck body configurations, including outer compartments built to spec Advanced composite materials that […]

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