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Work Truck Tonneau Covers From the Life Cycle Value Leader

Work truck enhancements built by BrandFX Body Company give customers a long-lasting truck cover solution that resists corrosion and oxidation. Manufactured from advanced, lightweight composite material that does not bend, crack or rust, our tonneau covers will last the lifetime of three work trucks. Further, the lightweight advantage of BrandFX advanced composite materials leads to reduced fleet fuel consumption and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Work Truck Solution – Tonneau Covers by BrandFX

Lightweight Tonneau Covers (LTCs) offer a unique work truck solution that combines advanced composite construction with high-strength durability, performance and dependability. The corrosion-resistant body provides longer service life and a much better life cycle value for service fleets. BrandFX Tonneau Covers help work trucks to maintain a high-quality appearance that looks newer and cleaner, for longer. The range of work truck options available to BrandFX customers makes it easy to upgrade equipment. Customizations allow for enhanced capabilities that meet the demands of rugged service applications.

Feel free to download our literature for more information on our BrandFX lines of service bodies, line bodies, truck toppers, workpod inserts and tonneau covers.

Please select your Tonneau Cover below

There are two basic choices of BrandFX tonneau covers that are currently available:

  • CTC Tonneau Covers, formerly known as Gemtop™ Truck Toppers
  • FX3D Tonneau Covers, a newer, lightweight innovation

You may also choose to contact one of our truck body specialists who can help you better understand the advantages offered by BrandFX Body Company.

Lightweight Tonneau Cover


Trusted for over 50 years, BrandFX CTC formerly known as GEMTOP™ truck toppers offer highly durable construction with hassle-free service …

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The BrandFX FX3D is the ultra-lightweight solution—weighting only 197 lbs.—that offers increased fuel efficiency, while also reducing typical wear and tear on service trucks.

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