Truck Bodies – Lightweight Fleets Are The Future

Truck bodies that are built by BrandFX are leading the trend in lightweighting, which is a smarter, more sustainable choice for fleets. A fleet of lightweight truck bodies gains several advantages, including significant fuel cost savings and increased payload capacity. Because BrandFX truck bodies can be remounted to new chassis three or more times, they have the added advantage of extending the life of an HVAC fleet. Purchasing advanced composite truck bodies drives down the overall life cycle cost because they last longer and weigh less.  By decreasing the weight of their fleet vehicles, HVAC managers can make a profound financial impact on their organizational bottom lines.

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Truck Bodies by BrandFX - Trucks That Weigh Less Can Have Big Advantages.

Truck bodies that are made from lightweight composite materials offer significant safety and financial advantages for a HVAC business owner or fleet manager.  Because they are so much lighter than the alternative, trucks that are mounted with BrandFX bodies spend less time in the repair shop and more time on the jobsite.  Being much lighter than steel, trucks fitted with BrandFX truck bodies require a shorter braking distance and put less overall wear and tear on critical systems including brakes and shocks, which adds an additional element to the safety of the entire fleet. Avoiding being unintentionally overweight with the DOT also saves fleets money and time.

Truck Bodies by BrandFX - EverLast™ Service Bodies Are Lightweight, Efficient & Durable

Truck bodies manufactured by BrandFX include the EverLast™ service body, which is built for use by HVAC and other commercial fleets, providing lightweight efficiency and durable utility. BrandFX lightweight service truck bodies are made with advanced composite materials that offer fleet owners greater payload and lasting performance, while maintaining a sleek, professional exterior that does not rust, corrode, dent or scratch. Truck bodies made of advanced composite materials have their color uniformly embedded into the composite material itself. There will never be a need to repaint a BrandFX body. Lower fuel consumption, less wear and tear and a durable, lasting finish are only some of the lightweight advantages of BrandFX truck bodies and inserts.

Truck Bodies and WorkPod™ Composite Inserts for HVAC Fleets

Truck bodies and WorkPod™ composite inserts that are manufactured by BrandFX are lightweight, durable and easily upfitted to meet commercial fleet specifications. With convenient features that efficiently provide workspace and secure tool & equipment storage to HVAC technicians, BrandFX WorkPod™ composite inserts support the daily work of maintaining and repairing HVAC systems, and conducting residential and commercial inspections. WorkPod™ composite inserts provide technicians with sealed compartments that protect tools and equipment from the elements and from theft.  Additionally, they are designed to accommodate all popular bed sizes for Chevrolet, RAM, Ford, and GMC models.

Truck Body Features - BrandFX

Truck body details are part of what makes BrandFX so effective. The truck body and upfit specifications that are required by fleets are varied, depending on the application and the need. BrandFX truck bodies can be built to any specification, with exterior compartment configurations, tool drawers, ladder racks and lighting systems.

Truck Body for HVAC Industry - BrandFX

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Designed for short-bed truck chassis with a 40″ CA

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Fit for popular model truck chassis with a 56″ CA

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Built for truck chassis with a 56” CA, with low-profile design for better rear window visibility

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Ideal for dual rear wheel truck chassis with a 56” CA

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Fit for popular model truck chassis with 60” CA

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Ideal for dual rear wheel truck chassis with a 60” CA

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Ideal for dual rear wheel truck chassis with an 84” CA

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Trusted for over 50 years, BrandFX CTC formerly known as GEMTOP™ truck toppers offer highly durable construction with hassle-free service life. Fabricated from galvanized steel and primed on both sides, the GEMTOP steel caps are carefully welded and riveted to withstand the most demanding applications. These toppers are also roll-coated, with the paint baked in, […]

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BrandFX Truck Toppers, featuring advanced, lightweight composite construction, are designed to fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickup truck models and bed sizes.

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BrandFX EverLast Toppers (or WORKPoDS) are made from advanced, lightweight Composite and fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickup models and bed sizes.

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The Plus-Top WORKPoD is designed to offer greater storage and hauling, including exterior-side compartments for tools and cargo.

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The Low-Profile WORKPoD delivers all the benefits of open storage capacity and exterior-accessible compartments in a convenient design.

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Truck bodies – BrandFX UtilityFX™ Bodies

Truck bodies – BrandFX UtilityFX™ Truck Bodies featuring the BrandFX UtilityFX™ are the first all-composite cutaway in the industry. Spacious and well-ventilated outer storage compartments serve to improve mobile operations. The UtilityFX  are innovative units for many reasons and feature: Unique custom truck body configurations, including outer compartments built to spec Advanced composite materials that […]

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