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Truck bodies – BrandFX UtilityFX™ Bodies

Truck bodies – BrandFX UtilityFX™ are the first all-composite cutaway truck body in the industry. Spacious and well-ventilated outer storage compartments serve to improve mobile operations. UtilityFX truck body are innovative units for many reasons. BrandFX UtilityFX Truck body feature:

  • Unique custom truck body configurations, including outer compartments built to spec
  • Advanced composite materials that are resistant to dents, cracks and weathering
  • Lightweight advantage resulting in more time in service, resulting in industry-leading life cycle value.

UtilityFX™ truck bodies are specially designed for Ford E-Series and Ford Transit chassis, and are available for purchase in several configurations, including 15”D x 42”H packs, as well as a 36” canopy above pack. Additional configurations are available.

Truck Bodies – BrandFX Is A Smarter Solution

Truck bodies – The UtilityFX™ line from BrandFX is a superior utility and telecommunications service unit. By combining the interior work space of a van with easier, smarter, exterior – accessible storage, BrandFX is a major improvement over standard service vans. Molded out of one piece of composite, the UtilityFX™ truck body provides a secure, leak-proof canopy that protects inventory, offers enough standing room to be comfortable, and delivers a safe, quiet ride.

Feel free to download our literature for more information on our BrandFX UtilityFX™ body.

These all-composite cutaway bodies are easy to maintain and repair, lightweight and resistant to corrosion. You may also choose to contact one of our truck body specialists who can help you better understand the advantages offered by BrandFX UtilityFX™ truck body.

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Truck bodies – BrandFX UtilityFX™ Truck Bodies featuring the BrandFX UtilityFX™ are the first all-composite cutaway in the industry. Spacious …

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