Truck Bodies Built for the Agriculture, Farming & Ranching Profession

Truck body manufacturer BrandFX builds lightweight composite truck bodies, toppers and WorkPods™ for the agricultural industry, and are generally used to manage farm and ranch business. Our truck bodies are proven to be durable enough to handle the daily rigorous tasks of running an agricultural business. The agriculture and ranching industries encompass a huge variety of tasks including planting, tending and harvesting crops, and managing the daily health, diet and safety of livestock. BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies are not only built for the daily demands of ranching and farming, they will last, looking new, over the span of decades.

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Truck Bodies For Smaller Personal Trucks All The Way To Multi-axle Service Trucks

Truck bodies for agricultural jobs by BrandFX are the toughest in the industry. Our service bodies can stand up to even the harshest agricultural application and come back looking new. Our proprietary advanced composite materials are lighter weight, allowing for more payload within GWVR compliance. Providing up to 20 years of continual use, BrandFX is the Life Cycle Value Leader. From the 40LS to the 60DLS, BrandFX has the service body to meet the needs of the agricultural industry. Everlast™ Service Bodies are available with a Cab to Axle Ratio of 40″ to 84″ as well as with custom applications.

Truck Body Configurations That Meet The Needs Of Farmers And Ranchers

Truck bodies built by BrandFX can be configured with your choice of handles, locks, slip-proof materials, and dozens of other features.  Accessories like our WorkPod™ Composite Inserts provide the advanced mobile storage and work space required for tougher jobs, compatible with all popular bed sizes for Chevrolet, RAM, Ford, and GMC models. With smooth, rounded edges and resistance to dents, corrosion and scratches, BrandFX truck bodies are the smart choice for agriculture. Contact a BrandFX associate to learn more about how light-weighting your fleet with advanced composite materials beats Steel and Aluminum.

Truck Body for Agriculture Industry - BrandFX
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Truck Bodies - Everlast™ Service Bodies Made From Advanced Composite Materials

Truck bodies like the BrandFX EverLast™ service bodies are made from advanced composite materials and do not dent, scratch, rust or oxidize.  Our service bodies are dependable, strong and rugged, and they have to be that way to support the work done on farms and ranches. Our customers depend on BrandFX truck bodies to stand up to any conditions, whether they are excessive rain, heat, or snow, ice and salt.  While just as tough as steel, our composite service bodies are lightweight, so they retain their shape and do not bend, pock, dent or corrode in any way.

Truck Body Features - BrandFX

Truck bodies manufactured by BrandFX are engineered to the highest standards of quality. One example of our attention to detail is the 56MLS, which include automotive grade Gelcoat finish and a flow through ventilation system standard, which come standard on our truck bodies. Our service bodies feature Treadbright aluminum bumpers that are upfitted for OEM receivers, Treadbright aluminum floors and aluminum understructure. There are dozens of optional upfits and features, including recessed LED exterior lighting packages and upgraded locking systems are available.

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Designed for short-bed truck chassis with a 40″ CA

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Fit for popular model truck chassis with a 56″ CA

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Built for truck chassis with a 56” CA, with low-profile design for better rear window visibility

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Ideal for dual rear wheel truck chassis with a 56” CA

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Fit for popular model truck chassis with 60” CA

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Ideal for dual rear wheel truck chassis with a 60” CA

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Ideal for dual rear wheel truck chassis with an 84” CA

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Trusted for over 50 years, BrandFX CTC formerly known as GEMTOP™ truck toppers offer highly durable construction with hassle-free service life. Fabricated from galvanized steel and primed on both sides, the GEMTOP steel caps are carefully welded and riveted to withstand the most demanding applications. These toppers are also roll-coated, with the paint baked in, […]

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BrandFX Truck Toppers, featuring advanced, lightweight composite construction, are designed to fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickup truck models and bed sizes.

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BrandFX EverLast Toppers (or WORKPoDS) are made from advanced, lightweight Composite and fit all popular Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and GMC pickup models and bed sizes.

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The Plus-Top WORKPoD is designed to offer greater storage and hauling, including exterior-side compartments for tools and cargo.

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The Low-Profile WORKPoD delivers all the benefits of open storage capacity and exterior-accessible compartments in a convenient design.

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Truck bodies – BrandFX UtilityFX™ Bodies

Truck bodies – BrandFX UtilityFX™ Truck Bodies featuring the BrandFX UtilityFX™ are the first all-composite cutaway in the industry. Spacious and well-ventilated outer storage compartments serve to improve mobile operations. The UtilityFX  are innovative units for many reasons and feature: Unique custom truck body configurations, including outer compartments built to spec Advanced composite materials that […]

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