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BrandFX manufactures fiberglass composite line & service truck bodies that improve payload capacity and reduce operational cost. Lightweight and highly durable, BrandFX uses materials that are structurally strong, which allows them to withstand ongoing heavy use while maintaining a clean, unblemished appearance.


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BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies allow fleets to downsize the weight of their equipment with minimal impact on payload. That means thousands of dollars in bottom line life cycle savings per fleet unit. Data suggests that by taking advantage of truck rightsizing, alternative fuels and lightweight materials, fleets can accomplish up to 50% fuel savings as well.

Lightweight, long-lasting truck bodies have lower emissions and lower maintenance costs. BrandFX manufactures truck bodies from advanced composite materials which prove not only to be lighter than steel, stronger than aluminum, but also have enumerable environmental advantages. Many of the truck body units sold are transferred to new chassis and many are seen in operation more than 30 years after their purchase date. BrandFX bodies have the additional advantage of never corroding, so your truck and your brand always look good.

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Why advanced composite?

Truck bodies manufactured from advanced composite materials are structurally strong, which is to say that the toughness and durability of the composite material does not depend upon how much it weighs. BrandFX truck bodies are as strong as steel, as light as (or lighter than) aluminum, and they do not corrode. The advanced composite materials used by BrandFX to build truck bodies save companies both time and money. The following ways to save shows why it’s smarter to choose BrandFX truck bodies:

  • Reduce Fuel Costs – Lighter vehicles consume less fuel
  • Save Administrative Costs – Lighter vehicles often have lesser CDL requirements
  • Save Money on Maintenance – Lighter vehicles tend to have much lower maintenance costs
  • Save Time in the Shop – Smaller chassis have available replacement parts and less downtime
  • Lightweight Truck Bodies increase Payload and Safety
Lightweight Truck Body DOT Compliance Advantages. Truck bodies and truck chassis on the road have specific weight restrictions for safe operation. By remaining under these weight thresholds, fleets can avoid costly federal or state Departments of Transportation fines. An additional benefit of lightweight fiberglass bodies is the ability to add payload, such as tool, equipment, inventory, and personnel while staying within the DOT weight guidelines.

Improved Stopping Distance – The lighter the vehicle, the more quickly it can come to a complete stop. BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies are up to 50% lighter than similarly sized steel bodies.

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BrandFX, a Time Manufacturing Company manufactures truck bodies from advanced composite materials which prove not only to be lighter than steel, stronger than aluminum, but also have enumerable environmental advantages by being lightweight. Many of the truck body units sold are transferred to new chassis and many are seen in operation more than 30 years after their purchase date.

Truck body manufacturer Brand FX was acquired by Time Manufacturing Company in 2019. BrandFX provides lightweight, advanced composite fiberglass line and service truck bodies that improve payload capacity, function and security, without the need for additional weight as compared to stock units. As a vertically integrated fiberglass division manufacturing advanced lightweight composite Bodies, Booms, and Buckets for Line and Service Worktrucks. BrandFX sells internally to Versalift and also to external OEMs, as well as to service fleet end-markets.


BrandFX fiberglass truck bodies enable fleets to reduce the overall weight of their equipment.  One of the benefits of weight reduction is increased payload capacity.  Another benefit is a significantly lower emissions. Benefits such as this represent a reduction of wear and tear on tire and brake systems, and reduced consumption of fuel, oil and other maintenance items.  Lightweight, long-lasting BrandFX truck bodies create long term value for companies focused on preserving the environment.

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BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies are lighter than the competing truck bodies made of steel or aluminum. Considerable weight savings will help to offset the added weight of batteries and electrification equipment in your fleet. Lighter weight means more payload and more range from your electric vehicle. Work with BrandFX engineers to address your electric fleet vehicle challenges

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Electric power

Truck bodies that are manufactured by BrandFX are utilized by several industries. One important group of our customers is electric utility service fleets and utility contractors. BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies are engineered to be highly durable, and are constructed from non conductive materials, which is ideal. This is because electric utility service fleets require equipment that is insulated and demonstrably safe.  BrandFX truck bodies are built for bucket trucks, cable placing and splicing trucks, and a variety of other service vehicles. With several lightweight benefits, BrandFX truck bodies support utility fleet operations, with benefits including greater payloads and significant fuel cost reductions.

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Lightweight truck bodies that are designed and built by BrandFX create lasting value for telecommunications fleets. Ongoing construction, upgrade projects and regular maintenance of overhead telecommunications infrastructure is a task that includes a nationwide upgrade to 5G and the ongoing rural broadband expansion, which are creating nationwide access to a speedy internet connection. BrandFX truck bodies are being utilized by the nation’s largest fleets to address this concern, enabling technicians to install and upgrade existing telecommunications networks. BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies offer more payload capacity than do steel and aluminum truck bodies, with plenty of room to store tools, equipment and materials, enabling technicians to travel well-equipped while not overloading their service vehicles.

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Truck bodies are specifically engineered by BrandFX for sign and light fleets to provide ample room and payload for tools, materials and equipment. Additionally, they are highly durable and are an excellent choice for ongoing use. Brand FX distributors provide EverLast™ Line Bodies to sign and lighting fleets. EverLast™ Truck bodies offered by BrandFX include heavy, truck mounted aerial devices. These truck bodies are especially well suited to harsher weather conditions, and deliver a premium combination of strength, performance and ample storage space. BrandFX truck bodies do not rust or corrode, and weigh about half as much as a comparably sized steel truck body.

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Truck bodies, truck toppers, work pods and tonneau covers manufactured by BrandFX are the lifecycle value leaders in the truck body industry. Built to tackle the rugged tasks of commercial fleets, BrandFX fiberglass truck bodies are durable and dependable. Because of their lightweight advanced composition, fleet managers look at how BrandFX products creates a lightweight advantage: savings in lower fuel costs, less time spent in the shop, and no need for repainting or dent repair. Fleet administrators and managers appreciate the minimal wear and tear to tires, brakes and suspension systems and improved braking distance for same work payload. BrandFX work truck toppers, work pods and tonneau covers are secure and offer optimal protection from theft and harsh weather for supplies, tools and other materials.

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Truck bodies built by BrandFX create value for tree care technicians and forestry specialists due to their lightweight design and durability. BrandFX truck bodies that are made from advanced composite materials can handle the heavy-duty tasks of forestry, line-clearing and landscaping. In addition to durability, advanced composite truck bodies are cost effective, outlasting steel and aluminum. BrandFX EverLast™ Line Bodies for chassis fitted with aerial devices are able to offer fleets in the tree care, forestry and landscaping industries greater payload capacity and material handling. Engineered for lightweight efficiency, BrandFX truck bodies for the Tree Care industry deliver a complete fleet solution.

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Truck body parts are available through the BrandFX Parts Store. Parts are available for purchase 24/7/365. We are happy to get you any needed parts with expedited service when available. If you need support finding the right part for your BrandFX Truck Body, please contact us during regular business hours at (817) 431-1131 or send an email to

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Proven performence and trusted excellence

Founded in 1984, BrandFX Body Company has grown to become the largest producer of advanced composite truck bodies, inserts and toppers. We deliver a premium product, and focus on designing and producing lightweight, durable composite truck bodies that deliver the highest life cycle value available on the market

“Our truck bodies have been proven to deliver more than 20 years of reliable service, while also maintaining their quality finish and appearance. That’s why for over 30 years, companies both large and small have counted on the long-lasting dependability of BrandFX products, including five out of the top six U.S. service fleets”