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Work Truck Inserts From BrandFX Can Outlast Any Vehicle

Work truck inserts manufactured by BrandFX are called WorkPods™. These truck bed inserts are constructed out of highly durable composite material that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. WorkPods™ stay newer for longer, and they are designed to outlast any vehicle. WorkPods can be easily transferred from an older chassis to a similarly sized new chassis, with no unloading required. This is another reason why BrandFX is the truck body and insert industry life cycle value leader.


BrandFX WorkPods™ Create Lasting Value

WorkPod™ composite inserts provide an advanced mobile storage solution, and a convenient work space that is sometimes required for tougher jobs. WorkPods accommodate all popular truck bed sizes for current and recent Chevrolet, RAM, Ford, and GMC pickup truck models. Practical and cost-effective, WorkPod inserts reduce a fleet’s reliance upon larger and more expensive commercial vans.

Plus Top™ WorkPod™ Inserts

  • Greater storage and hauling
  • Exterior-side compartments for tools and cargo
  • Built to fit popular Chevrolet, GMC, Ram and Ford pickup trucks for all bed lengths

Low-Profile WorkPod™ Inserts

  • Delivers all the benefits of open storage capacity
  • Convenient design of exterior-accessible compartments
  • Rust-free performance for the life of your vehicle and beyond

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Commercial Use of WorkPod™ Inserts

Commercial fleets use a range of truck equipment. Electric utility and telecommunications fleets choose line bodies for their larger equipment. Residential HVAC, plumbing and pest control are industries that choose popular American pickup truck brands, such as Chevrolet, GMC, Ram and Ford, and choose WorkPod™ inserts for their fleet needs. With redundant locking mechanisms, tools and equipment can be organized and stored securely. WorkPod™ inserts can be customized with drawers and shelving solutions. 


The Plus-Top WORKPoD is designed to offer greater storage and hauling, including exterior-side compartments for tools and cargo.

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The Low-Profile WORKPoD delivers all the benefits of open storage capacity and exterior-accessible compartments in a convenient design.

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