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BrandFX is the one company solely focused on offering lightweight, durable composite truck body construction. BrandFX designs and advanced composite construction have led the industry for more than 40 years, and we continue to innovate in order to add to the value our products deliver.

The BrandFX product line includes a wide range of choices, including line bodies, service bodies, toppers, inserts, or covers. For the lawn care and pest control industries, we offer specialized bodies, inserts, and toppers.

Premium BrandFX EverLast™ truck bodies offer a unique combination of lightweight and strength, resulting in long body life (20+ years), lower fuel costs, reduced wear on brakes and suspension members, and increased load capacity. In addition, all EverLast bodies are easily repaired and corrosion resistant, delivering a quality appearance over years of use. Combined, these benefits make BrandFX the Lifecycle Value Leader in truck bodies.