Monday, November 5, 2018 at 1:41 PM

Brand FX (Fort Worth, Texas) introduced The UltimateFX, the next generation in service bodies, utilizing innovative green technology and advanced materials science. The revolutionary UltimateFX™ service body is the only of its kind to feature an all-composite body matched to an all-composite understructure. The result is a service body that provides long, trouble-free life, in addition to eco-friendly operation.

Designed to match 56 CA single, and 60 CA dual, rear-wheel truck chassis, the UltimateFX features BrandFX’s proprietary 100 percent composite construction. The result is a high-performance service body that is up to 60 percent lighter than a similar metal body.  This service body’s lightweight design provides for significant fuel savings, lowering a truck’s overall carbon footprint. For the operator who is powering trucks with natural gas or electricity, lightweight UltimateFX service bodies can offset some of the additional weight associated with those power  systems.

Enhancing fuel efficiency is not the only area in which the UltimateFX contributes to an operator’s eco-friendly operation. This service body also saves money and further reduces the environmental impact of operating a work truck by adding to the life of brakes, tires, and suspension assemblies. Simply stated, the lighter weight of the UltimateFX reduces the strain and wear on these parts of the truck.

While the UltimateFX is significantly lighter than the conventional metal service body, this proprietary design is also proven to be extremely strong. In fact, in-depth testing has established that the UltimateFX can withstand a head-on crash at speeds in excess of 30 mph.

In addition to setting new standards for strength-to-weight construction, these service bodies are virtually impervious to the effects of corrosion. The UltimateFX’s zero-corrosion, zero-oxidation construction provides maximum weather resistance, preventing the damaging rust that can reduce the life of a conventional metal body. Like the full line of BrandFX bodies, covers, and inserts, the advanced UltimateFX service body is built to deliver decades of reliable service. Combining light weight, high strength, and corrosion resistance, these composite bodies are proven to offer the highest life-cycle value, delivering 20+ years of effective service while maintaining their quality finish and appearance.