BrandFX Composite – Economy & Ecology

Monday, May 9, 2016 at 6:38 PM

BrandFX composite service bodies have larger dimensions, providing as much as 5% more storage capacity and offer tremendous weight reductions.

We often quote body weights published by the leading steel body manufacturer which most closely match our build, and fit the same chassis. For example, our standard 56LS service body measures: 42” pack height, 15” pack depth, and 82.75” overall width. This BrandFX body weighs 698 lbs, and is not our lightest configuration for this body, with an aluminum understructure the weight is 578 lbs.

The nearest equivalent steel body offered by the leading steel body manufacturer that fits the same chassis measures: 41.25” pack height, 14.5” pack depth and 78” overall width. This steel body is 1248 lbs., which is 550 pounds heavier than our composite 56LS with steel understructure, or 670 pounds heavier than our composite 56LS with aluminum understructure.

The weight savings of switching to a BrandFX Composite 56″ cab to axle service body from a 56″ cab to axle steel service body according to the Department of Energy’s calculations would save on average 5% – 8% in fuel consumption. Add to this reductions in cost via chassis downsizing, maintenance, down time, remounting over 4-5 trucks and fleets realize dramatic reductions in acquisition and operational costs – while also reducing emissions into the environment.

That’s why BrandFX Composite should be step 1 in developing a truly sustainable green fleet.