BrandFX Body Company Realigns Leadership for Next Growth Cycle

Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 5:24 PM

BrandFX Body Company Realigns Marketing & Sales Leadership for Next Growth Cycle

Fort Worth, Texas, April 3, 2023  – BrandFX Body Company announced in a Press Release sales and marketing leadership changes. Since its founding in 1984, BrandFX Body Company has become the largest manufacturer of composite truck bodies and toppers in the United States. Acquired by Time Manufacturing Company in 2019, the company has seen significant profitable growth and today announces a realignment of leadership to better serve its customers.

Congratulations to Kevin McGuire, Director of Sales

Kevin started with BrandFX in 1991 and has worked in and led nearly every department at the company.  With more than 30 years of experience at BrandFX, Kevin is well prepared for his Sales Leadership role. Kevin’s knowledge of product engineering and the value proposition it brings to the customer is informed by his more recent roles in leading the company’s warranty and parts segments.  Kevin has worked under the tutelage of Gary Heisterkamp since they started in the same year at BrandFX. “From the very beginning, Gary was present in every department I worked in.  That’s my example, and the model you will see me follow.”  Well respected by the entire BrandFX team, Kevin is the right person to direct sales for the company. “We’ve always planned to keep things simple, and deliver for our customers. I intend to do just that. Keeping a steady hand on the wheel is important as we transition to the next growth cycle.” Kevin will take over all sales activity from Gary effective immediately.

Congratulations to Mike Villaplana, Director of Marketing

With nearly five decades of sales and marketing experience, Mike has been in leadership roles at BrandFX for the last six years. Prior to BrandFX, Mike spent 26 years at Carrier Corporation, as a national sales manager. Since coming over to BrandFX, Mike has held dual roles with both Sales and Marketing, and this transition allows him to focus better on areas where he can fill in the gaps, and support the company’s growth. Well-respected among his colleagues, Mr. Villaplana has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Pratt Institute and an MBA in Marketing from Hofstra University.  Mike plans on using his role as Director of Marketing “to focus on sharing the value proposition of composite truck bodies, which results in customers understanding that composite is the best choice.” He credits Gary for teaching him “that our fiberglass truck bodies were cool before ‘Green’ was cool, because they are lightweight and save money.” 

Thank You Gary Heisterkamp for More Than 30 Years of Dedicated Service

Gary Heisterkamp joined the company in 1991, and his name has been associated with BrandFX for more than three decades. Creating long standing relationships by showing how the BrandFX product supports customer needs across the utility, maintenance and service fleet industries. His work has helped to make BrandFX one of the leading composite truck body manufacturers in the world. Gary was promoted to Chief Commercial Officer in January of 2020. He is leaving BrandFX to pursue other endeavors.

With Gratitude, the Company is Looking Forward

“We are grateful for the example that Gary has set,” says Jerry Hatley, President at BrandFX. “Gary has been an important example to both Kevin McGuire, who will assume his sales role, and to Mike Villaplana, who will take on Gary’s marketing responsibilities. Noting that the company’s uccession plan should be well received by employees, Hatley acknowledges that Gary will be missed around the office.  “We wish him and his family well as they take this next step, and are grateful for all he has done to make BrandFX a leader.”

Curt Howell, CEO of Time Manufacturing Company, expressed gratitude to Mr. Heisterkamp. “We are grateful to Gary and wish him well. Kevin and Mike are assets to our company which has seen both profit and revenue growth since our acquisition of BrandFX in 2019.  The fiberglass division is an important contribution to our global growth plan, and with Jerry’s new appointments, we are best prepared to continue to support our partners and customers for the long haul.”