Truck Bodies – Brand FX Composite Bodies & Risk Management

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 5:55 PM

BrandFX truck bodies have an incredible lightweight advantage over the competition, creating hundreds of pounds of additional payload and taking pressure off of the vehicle’s brakes and suspension system. Truck service bodies from BrandFX do the requisite work of keeping tools, materials and equipment safe, clean and dry for field service, installation and maintenance work. What differentiates BrandFX is how much lighter it is than conventional materials, without sacrificing strength or durability.

Truck Bodies and Risk Management

Truck bodies are a front and center concern for fleet organizations. It doesn’t matter how big or small a business is and what industry it is in: if you or your crew work from trucks, then the truck bodies you are using play a major role in your company’s risk mitigation plan. The key components of any risk mitigation plan are safety, loss prevention and insurance. The most important part of any risk management program is ensuring the safety of people. In the case of fleet organizations, risk management must ensure the safety of not only technicians, but other motorists as well. BrandFX lightweight composite truck bodies deliver several key risk management benefits to fleets. Among these benefits is much shorter stopping distance, and truck bodies with rounded edges and corners.

BrandFX advanced composite materials have a huge advantage over traditional truck body materials such as aluminum and steel. 

BrandFX Truck Bodies Reduce Stopping Distance

Truck bodies manufactured by BrandFX are much lighter, so they allow for shortened braking distances. The lighter the unit is, the sooner it can come to a complete stop.

Lighter Truck Bodies Are Harder to Over-Gross

Truck bodies that come from BrandFX create more available payload. Greater payload capacity on a work truck reduces the chance of an over-grossed fleet vehicle out on the road.

Rounded Edges and Corners

BrandFX composite truck bodies are designed to present safely rounded corners, and no sharp edges. This thoughtful design serves to eliminate avoidable safety hazards.

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