Truck Bodies – Financial Advantages of Brand FX Lightweight Composite

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 at 7:20 PM

Truck bodies from BrandFX are a winning lightweight alternative to steel and aluminum. BrandFX composite bodies have the lightweight advantage of aluminum bodies while maintaining the overall strength and durability of steel bodies. Utility, telecommunications and municipal fleets look to create advantages for themselves by making the operation of their equipment as safe and efficient as possible. One powerful way that fleets are creating an advantage for themselves is by lightweighting: reducing the overall weight of their equipment. 

Truck Bodies – Lightweighting

Truck bodies built by BrandFX are lighter, which is an important trend among fleet organizations that own and operate work trucks. When a fleet works to make their equipment significantly lighter, they immediately experience the twin advantages of fuel cost savings and increased payload. Fuel savings and improved payload are only the beginning of the lightweight advantage.

Truck bodies that are lightweight extend the useful life of a chassis, which drives down the overall life cycle cost of the equipment because it simply lasts longer. The body, the chassis and any additional mounted equipment experience the benefit of lightweighting. Incremental improvements in equipment weight can have a profound effect on the overall cost of operating a business. These savings add to the bottom line, whether they’re for a fleet of vehicles or for a single work truck owned by an independent contractor.

BrandFX advanced composite materials have a huge advantage over traditional truck body materials such as aluminum and steel. 

Truck Bodies – Financial Benefits of Lightweighting with BrandFX

Lightweighting with BrandFX lightweight advanced composite bodies enables companies to choose a smaller chassis size for their vehicles. The choice of a smaller chassis size creates several financial benefits for organizations of any size. 

Financial Benefits of Lightweighting

Truck bodies built by BrandFX are as light as possible, and they do not give up any toughness or durability. BrandFX truck bodies save time and money.

  • Save Money on Fuel Costs – Lighter vehicles consume less fuel 
  • Save Money on Administrative Costs – Lighter vehicles often have no CDL requirements 
  • Save Money on Maintenance Costs – Lighter vehicles have much lower maintenance costs 
  • Save Time in the Shop – Smaller chassis have more available replacement parts and less downtime

Truck Bodies for Aerial Equipment

Truck bodies built by BrandFX are ideal for larger chassis mounted with aerial equipment because they are so lightweight. In the case of vehicles mounted with aerial lifts, BrandFX advanced composite truck bodies are highly customizable and work to offset additional weight created by mounted hydraulic equipment.