Truck Bodies – Brand FX Composite Bodies & Environmental Sustainability

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 6:24 PM

Truck bodies built by BrandFX Body Company help customers to achieve their environmental sustainability goals. Sustainability has become a priority for many fleet businesses across North America and around the world. BrandFX customers include some of the largest national fleets in the United States, as well as hundreds of small and medium size businesses, from coast to coast. Truck bodies manufactured by BrandFX are the choice of these companies in part because of the clear lightweight advantage of BrandFX advanced composite materials.

Using BrandFX truck bodies, businesses can meaningfully reduce their carbon and greenhouse gas emission footprints.

Truck Bodies With Smaller Carbon Footprints

BrandFX truck bodies help fleet businesses to meaningfully reduce their carbon footprints. The advanced composite material lasts longer than traditional materials, does not oxidize and does not dent. BrandFX customers regularly mount the same BrandFX truck body onto at least three chassis.

Truck Bodies That Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Truck bodies manufactured at BrandFX are lighter than other materials, such as lightweight steel and aluminum. Lighter vehicles consume less fuel, which dramatically impacts the bottom line for fuel cost, and reduces the rate at which wear parts must be replaced. In general terms, every 100 lbs of weight reduction is calculated to reduce a vehicle’s fuel consumption by 2%.

BrandFX truck bodies have a true sustainability advantage because they are much lighter and  last much longer than truck bodies built from traditional materials like steel and aluminum. The weight difference is often an important factor for large fleets, where the decision to reduce overall vehicle weight results in a massive reduction of carbon emissions. When large fleets make the decision to lightweight their equipment, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as thousands of tons each year.

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