EverLast Service Bodies and Line Bodies

For Tough Jobs in Rough Conditions



Made for Heavy-Duty Use

EverLast Service Bodies and Line Bodies have unique composite resins that combine strength and durability with flexibility. This proprietary manufacturing process prevents virtually all forms of cracking, warping, denting and deforming. Built for fleets that require performance under the most demanding applications.



Zero-Corrosion. Zero-Oxidation.
Less Wear and Tear.

The innovative composite construction is completely weather-resistant and prevents virtually all forms of corrosion and oxidation damage. This built-in protection against rust and weathering significantly increases the overall life cycle value of BrandFX composite bodies, and is one more advantage standard steel and aluminum bodies can’t match.


Lightweight with High-Strength Performance

Composite bodies are as tough as standard steel bodies, yet weigh up to 60% less. Now fleets have the option of accommodating heavier payloads without exceeding safety ratings, or simply downsizing to lower, less costly weight classes. The ultra-lightweight design also minimizes the stress on tires, brakes and suspension systems—helping maintain dependability and performance while adding more long-term savings.

EverLast Service Bodies and Line Bodies are strong enough for the biggest jobs — and are built to accommodate all leading manufactured service cranes and aerials.

Service Body Truck

Talk Directly to the Composite Experts

BrandFX is the world’s composite leader providing premium composite bodies that can be manufactured to exact specifications. Talk directly to an expert to learn how EverLast Service Bodies and Line Bodies can be customized to your standards.

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