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Application: Single Rear Wheel Short Bed Truck

Pack Height: 42”
Pack Depth: 15”
Pack Length: 96”
Floor Width: 48-3/4”
Overall Width: 82-3/4”
Mounting Height: 25”
Weight: 493 lbs

Standard Features Included in Base:

  • Vinyl Rock Guards
  • Black Plastic Gas Fill Cup
  • Removable Wheel Well Panels
  • Automotive Grade White Gelcoat Finish
  • White Compartment Interiors
  • Recessed LED Exterior Lighting Package
  • Flow Through Ventilation System
  • Light Adaptor for Specified Chassis***
  • Non-Skid Compartment Tops
  • Vinyl Coasted Cable Door Stops
  • 10” Aluminum Automotive Style Tailgate
  • Treadbright Aluminum Bumper w/ Cutout for OEM Receiver
  • Treadbright Aluminum Floor
  • Aluminum Understructure
  • Aluminum Tail Skirt
  • Steel Rear Mounting Brackets
  • Stainless Steel Hinges & Hardware
  • Stainless Steel, Automotive Style Dual Rotary Latch
  • One Piece Molded Doors, Automotive Finish Both Sides
  • Recessed Door Seal System
  • Automotive Grade Door Gasket
Special Options - Will Extend Lead TimePart NumberActual Weight (pounds)Net Weight (pounds)Availability
Non-Standard Gelcoat---90 Days
Base Coat/Clear Coat Paint, Non-Standard Colors ---90 Days
Roll Top with Double Rear Doors400608220820845 Days
Roll Top with Flip Up Rear Door/Tailgate406495923223245
Canopy with Double Rear Doors - 46"404850839039080 Days
Canopy Top - 14"400607336536580 Days
Canopy Style Ladder Rack - Front820531212126 Weeks
Canopy Style Ladder Rack - Rear820531412126 Weeks
Canopy Side Glass8201514336 Weeks
Canopy Front Glass, 10" x 42"8201516446 Weeks
Rear Door Glass8201515666 Weeks
Two Fixed Canopy Shelves405770045456 Weeks
Divider Pack for Canopy Shelf - 9 Dividers4500252226 Weeks
Dome Light for Canopy7798147116 Weeks
Switch for Dome Light5008239--6 Weeks
Material Rail & 4 Hooks, 48" Load Bed4000230992 Weeks
Material Rail & 8 Hooks, 90" Load Bed403216117172 Weeks
Hotstick Door4006055444 Weeks
Full Length Shelf330131012124 Weeks
Flip Top4023925505045 Days
Composite Top Box - 8'400601695954 Weeks
Top Box - Top Opening - 8'40301581101104 Weeks
6 Drawer Cabinet - Horizontal Compartment Only8201270
6 Drawer Cabinet - Vertical Compartment Only8201271
8 Drawer Cabinet - Horizontal Compartment Only820127223234 Weeks
12 Drawer Cabinet8201275
Roll Deck with 4" Rails - Steel 1200 lbs capacity826598822522530 Days
Roll Deck with 4" Rails - Aluminum 750 lbs Capacity822735112012030 Days
Aluminum Tread Plate Bright - Steel Understructure4047390164-1204 Weeks
Smooth Aluminum Floor with Coating - Steel Understructure4020926300274 Weeks
Steel Tread Plate Floor - Steel Understructure4021298381974 Weeks
Horizontal Aluminum Ladder Rack with Roller - Sloped400014529294 Weeks
Over Center Hold Down for Horizontal Ladder Rack8201250224 Weeks
Three Point D-Ring Twist Door Latches7001536114 Weeks
Wheel Well Liners406178228282 Weeks
Compartment Top - Aluminum Treadbright400016917172 Weeks
Load Wall Liner - Aluminum Treadbright404908825252 Weeks
Meter Shelves5061593662 Weeks
Water Cask Holder - Interior5002307992 Weeks
Water Cask Holder - Exterior4508522662 Weeks
Pull Out Tilt Down Nitrogen Rack501829051512 Weeks
Tank Bracket - Aluminum4002146332 Weeks
Utility Strap8203522--2 Weeks
Tank Ring - 7"4000249222 Weeks
Tank Ring - 8"4024895222 Weeks
Tank Ring - 10"4000250222 Weeks
Tank Ring - 12"4511960222 Weeks
PVC Storage - 4"450525419192 Weeks
PVC Storage - 6"400659136362 Weeks
Spare Tire Mount4503307222 Weeks
First Aid Kit Holder8004874112 Weeks
Floor Tie Downs80014620.50.52 Weeks
Loadwall Tie Downs80015020.50.52 Weeks
E-Track Per Foot8224082--