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BrandFX Truck Bodies Available To Sourcewell Members

BrandFX is a Time Manufacturing Company brand, and the largest manufacturer of advanced composite truck bodies in the United States.  Available as a truck body option on bucket trucks available through Sourcewell, a Minnesota-based public purchasing cooperative, BrandFX truck bodies are the lifecycle value leader.

Sourcewell Membership Across the USA

With more than 60,000 members within the United States, Sourcewell’s membership features government entities, including administrative organizations at every level of government, from local and tribal to federal and state. Other government entities with Sourcewell membership include water districts, state parks and ports.  Not-for-profit entities make up a significant portion of Sourcewell membership and educational entities. Among nonprofit organizations that are Soucewell members, a majority are health and human service-oriented, including hospital and nursing home systems and housing authorities. Educational institutions that are Sourcewell members include public and private K-12 Schools, special education districts, charter schools, vocational & training schools, as well as colleges and universities.

Sourcewell members are automatically qualified for pre-negotiated pricing, and the ability to purchase without going through a compliance bidding process.

Benefits of Sourcewell Membership

Members of Sourcewell are able to source a huge variety of items, including other heavy equipment, office supplies, furniture, building materials and technology. Sourcewell creates powerful value for its members by simplifying the entire procurement experience. Versalift is one of more than three hundred Sourcewell vendors.

BrandFX Truck Bodies with Versalift Aerial Lifts Creates Powerful Benefits for Sourcewell Members:

  • Transparency – Sourcewell members can select BrandFX as a truck body option on any Versalift bucket truck.
  • Pre-negotiated Prices – Sourcewell members automatically receive volume-based pricing that has already been pre-negotiated
  • Convenience – For Sourcewell members, the administrative processes for making purchases are streamlined and simplified.
  • Quality – All Sourcewell vendors have been vetted to ensure that they are serious and that they offer a high quality product. At BrandFX, we offer the highest quality fiberglass truck bodies in the United States.

Become A Sourcewell Member

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