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Trusted for over 50 years, BrandFX GEMTOP™ truck toppers offer highly durable construction with hassle-free service life. Fabricated from galvanized steel and primed on both sides, the GEMTOP steel caps are carefully welded and riveted to withstand the most demanding applications. These toppers are also roll-coated, with the paint baked in, for tougher and more rust-resistant surfaces.

With sturdy steel construction, these work truck enhancements are not prone to cracking like conventional aluminum tops. In fact, GEMTOPs are designed to flex and adapt when the truck bed twists or racks—improving the overall life cycle value. And the modular components provide for easy maintenance and service if repairs are ever need for various panels, hinges, or doors. GEMTOPs by BrandFX are the convenient, simple work truck solution delivering value that traditional products can’t match.

GemTop - CTC Lightweight Tonneau Cover


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